I’m Dr Charlotte Russell, a Clinical Psychologist and the founder and editor of the Travel Psychologist blog.

In my day job as a Psychologist, I run my own private practice. I specialise in trauma and am trained in a trauma therapy called EMDR. I also work with clients experiencing other common mental health problems including anxiety, low mood and difficulties with self-esteem.

Outside of work I have always loved travel. Whilst I have travelled far and wide, Greece is a particular favourite of mine, and I have been visiting for more than 20 years. For me, travel has always been an important way to cope with and step back from the day job.

I created the Travel Psychologist blog to provide credible and trustworthy information about travel and well-being, written by qualified professionals. As psychologists we go through many years of training, including completing a doctorate. I hope this puts us in a good position to provide information that is helpful to you, as well as interesting and thought provoking.

Since starting the blog and becoming a ‘travelling psychologist’ I have learned a huge amount about the psychological benefits of travel and how to use travel to live well and thrive. I love sharing this information with you, so welcome to our website.

Meet our team The Travel Psychologist

Dr Charlotte Russell


I’m Dr Jill Dunbar, and I’m a Clinical Psychologist. I trained in the UK and worked in NHS Scotland for many years, before relocating to Seoul, South Korea. I have a strong interest in neuropsychology as well as general mental health and well being.

Working in Seoul, I primarily work with our wonderful expat community. Living and working abroad often presents its own set of unique challenges to mental well being as well as general mental health difficulties from which none of us are immune.

I have always had a passion for travelling and exploring new and unfamiliar territory. I love learning about different cultures, meeting new people, and trying new things. I believe that travel, in many forms, can give a boost to our mental well being. I am excited to share both my advice and experience on travel from the perspective of another travelling psychologist!

Meet our team The Travel Psychologist

Dr Jill Dunbar


I’m Dr Nicola Cann, an Educational Psychologist who trained in the UK and worked in London for a number of years before taking my practice overseas. As an Educational Psychologist I primarily work with families and school communities, focusing on the learning and well-being of children of all ages. I run my own business specialising in sleep, The Family Sleep Consultant helping families and schools to identify and address children’s sleep needs.

Having lived in multiple countries growing up I have always considered myself something of a nomad. My role as a psychologist has allowed me to combine my passions for psychology and travel, living and working in the UK, New Zealand and Singapore. More recently I have moved my practice entirely online, which gives me the freedom to travel extensively while working.

I have always been interested in how travel can provide opportunities for personal growth, and feel lucky to have found a way to combine my work with my love of travel. I’m excited about joining The Travel Psychologist team and sharing some of my experiences and ideas with you.

Meet our team The Travel Psychologist

Dr Nicola Cann


I’m Dr Jenna Kirtley, and I am a Clinical Psychologist. I currently work in the North East of England and specialise in trauma. I worked in the NHS for a number of years within forensic, personality disorder and military veteran services. I am now independent and work with a wide range of clients, helping them heal from distressing life events through an integrative, holistic therapeutic approach.

I previously lived in Dubai, UAE and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I loved being part of a different culture, learning languages and traditions, and exploring all the beautiful places across the countries I resided in. Although I am now based in the UK, I love to travel at any opportunity I have, whether this is solo travelling, with friends or with family. I love to meet new people, explore exciting new places and to immerse myself into the culture.

I believe travel has a positive impact on our emotional wellbeing, gives us space to process, and affords us the opportunity to learn about ourselves, others and the world around us. Travel allows us to put many things into perspective and to grow as individuals. When I heard about the Travel Psychologist I was so thrilled that there would be an opportunity to bring together my passion for my career and my passion for travel, as well as being able to use my knowledge and experience of both to help others.

Meet our team The Travel Psychologist

Dr Jenna Kirtley