The Travel Psychologist annual round-up 2022

30 December, 2022|Annual round up|
The Travel Psychologist annual round-up 2022 The Travel Psychologist

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What a year it has been for The Travel Psychologist project! 2022 was the year we found our feet and began to fill the HUGE gap in credible information about travel, psychology and well-being.

I have decided not to use this year’s round up to list all of the articles we’ve written. Instead I’m going to focus on what I have enjoyed and valued the most about the past year; collaborating with amazing contributors and experts. I’ve learned that my role as founder and editor is bringing the right people with the right knowledge together, asking thoughtful questions and being a good host. And I’ve bloody loved it too.

So without further ado, let me tell you about what has really excited me this year.

First I’m going to start with the first expert that I interviewed early in the year. Kim Stephenson is an occupational psychologist and qualified financial advisor. His unique perspective was hugely interesting and I think you’ll agree that the article came out well How much should I spend on my holiday? A psychological guide

My other absolute favourite interview was with Dr Nitasha Sharma for  What is dark tourism and can it ever be ethical?  This was a super special article and I know many of you enjoyed it.

Now on to our fantastic contributors, starting with Dr Jill. In March, Dr Jill wrote How can I balance relaxation and adventure when I travel?. Her experiences of living and working in South Korea as well as her clinical knowledge and experiences helped her to write her next two articles;  How can I adjust to working abroad?  and   How can I cope with being away from family at Christmas?

Dr Nicola shared her specialist knowledge of sleep with us in her article  How can psychology help us to manage jet lag? . In August Dr Nicola also gave us a fascinating insight into the question Why do holidays make us happy? . Her most recent article  What is food tourism and why is it growing in popularity?

In 2022 Dr Jenna also joined our team, starting with sharing her personal experiences and professional expertise in  The grieving journey: Travel and healing after bereavement . Dr Jenna followed this up with specialist expertise in working with trauma in  How to cope with post-traumatic stress while travelling.

Last but not least, we had a couple of brilliant guest contributions. First, my good friend Dr Sarah Blackshaw provided some  Top tips for travelling when you have chronic pain. In the summer, we hosted a guest article by Dr Daniel Weisberg, about  Holidays with the kids: advice from a child clinical psychologist .

That sums up another brilliant year. Thank you to all our lovely readers, and Best Wishes for 2023.

Happy Travels,