Journal prompts for digital nomads

3 May, 2023|Living abroad|
Journal prompts for digital nomads The Travel Psychologist

Dr Charlotte Russell, Clinical Psychologist

These journal prompts follow on from my previous article  How to look after your well-being as a digital nomad  . They are a series of questions that can help you to reflect and make sense of your own process and journey.

The questions are prompts for your own thinking. My advice would be to sit down and take one or two at a time. Jot down some initial ideas and then come back to the questions in a few days and add.

Making sense of my journey

Where have I come from?

What factors led me to decide to come on this journey?

What challenges have I faced and overcome in the past?


What are my strengths?

How do I see them showing up in this amazing journey?

How am I already using my strengths?


What connections am I making with people and places?

How are the new connections different?

What connections do I need to maintain in order to keep myself grounded?


What am I grateful for? 

How can I make time in my routine to cultivate gratitude?

Making sense of cultural differences

How is the current culture different to my own?

In what ways have I needed to adapt?

What have been the challenges here and how have I managed this?


What is working well right now that I want to continue?

What aspects might I want to change or focus on more/less?

What might be the first steps?

Your journal is unique to you, so structure and use it in a way that best works for you. It can be helpful to bring your creativity into this. For example, using photographs or drawings to represent different parts of your journey and the insights and transitions that you have made.